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Americans Helping

We will make a difference helping refugees find homes and build lives.

About our work

The first question I asked my Ukrainian friends, "What do you need?".  "We need help with housing, and personal items like clothes, soap and medicine."  So that's when I decided to organize a charity to help fill in the gap for these needs.

There's plenty of charities helping with food and even daycare for Ukrainians, so our focus on housing, clothes, and soap should make us unique in how we help. 

Refugees are facing challenges, but once they are someplace safe, in a home, they can start to built a life again.  As we speak, there have already been reports of people going missing and the humanitarian crisis of human trafficking is of grave concern.

The sooner we help people get into housing and to satisfy basic needs, the sooner they will be safe.  We'll partner with other organizations on site to do our best to help all those who need it.

We'll also use our social media channels to offer updates, tell stories, and get the word out that we are doing our best to help those who are victims of this devastating crisis.

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Rich Holt

Founder of American's Helping


or 4,300,000 Ukrainians are refugees


Of Ukrainian children are now refugees or orphans.


Over 2 million have no place to live or can't afford housing.